Pcoin Ghana, Highvibes Distribution and others partner to help Musicians Globally.

    Pcoin Ghana, Highvibes Distribution and others partner to help Musicians Globally.

    We at PCOIN GHANA and HIGHVIBES woke up to the fact that majority of African Artiste are struggling across the continent and beyond, not because we are not talented as a continent but majority of us have not woken up to the need to go digital the right way by marketing our content on the Digital Stores.

    Highvibes Distribution is a name in digital distribution offering a unique service across the world, with streaming Apps like SPOTIFY, APPLE MUSIC, TIDAL, GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC, iHeartRadio, YOUTUBE MUSIC, DEEZER, AMAZON MUSIC, PANDORA, SOUNDCLOUD, TuneIn Radio, MONKINGME and over 160 other Apps making content available to be consumed the right way. Going digital on our continent has always been a headache for artiste when it comes to music, the few who have are still struggling and hustling through certain unnecessary hoops and ropes from content distribution, royalty collection to proper content consumption.

    Information gathered by (PESEWA COIN) PCOIN GHANA from 2005 till date gave birth to the Highvibes Distribution Dream. It has been a long journey, all role players, contributors and key players both named & unnamed, your continuous tireless effort and contributions are still appreciated. Namely Ogunade Gbolahan Mathias (HIGHVIBES DISTRIBUTION), Doe Dornyo (HIGHVIBES/PCOIN GHANA), Lee Parsons (DITTO MUSIC), Farouk Khailann (XCESS ENTERTAINMENT, GHANA/DUBAI), Edward Owusu (05 STUDIOS, GHANA/UK), Jordan Adewualor {Efo Gassor} (KONCIOUS MEDIA, GHANA), Gabriel Apaflo (KONCIOUS MEDIA, GHANA), Adeogun Paul (HIGHVIBES DISTRIBUTION, NIGERIA). Your tireless effort to champion the elevation and betterment of Africa, the African continent and African artiste will ripple through time.

    Mix Master Garzy (the most wanted producer), Addi Self (HMA 2016 NOMINEE), Okal, Khobbyvibes, Jheezy, Dreamboi Vido, Sheggie QT, Michael Osim, Jeremy, Nii McRoni, GaroBwoy, Alpha Banks, Teji, Addi Shyne, Spark, G1 Boss Exbit and other artiste across the continent and beyond have picked up the mantle and are still championing the digital change with HIGHVIBES DISTRIBUTION, #wedistributed #wearehighvibes. (AFRICA IS THE BIGGEST MARKET ON EARTH AND THE LAST BIG MARKET ON EARTH) 2016 to 2035 will be interesting, there is more to Africa, babydoeGH. 

    (HMA 2016) HAUSA MUSIC AWARDS 2016 MAIDEN EDITION coordinated by babydoeGH woke a lot of artiste in the Underground, Hausa Speaking Communities and the Zongos up on the need to go DIGITAL. PCOIN GHANA is into research and marketing and the gradual digital evolution from 2016 and its impact on the African continent over the years cannot be ignored by us, new talents keep emerging daily. Digitization and transformation of our Television Stations / Radio / Social Media and other platforms contributed a lot to help achieve this mile stone, despite the road ahead is still long. A collective effort from all Artiste / Producers / Content providers / Investors / Various Stakeholders & General Public across Africa is still needed to better our industry from Studio production to General Public Consumption.

    (THIS IS THE BEST TIME TO GO DIGITAL) Lee Parsons C.E.O DITTO MUSIC UK. The C.E.O of DITTO MUSIC said it all, now is the best time to go digital as an artiste anywhere in the world, cos it is very easy now. With the African continent now tapping into the digital market with both local and foreign investors in various capacities, Initiatives like Music In AFRICA CONFERENCE for COLLABORATION, EXCHANGE and SHOWCASE (ACCES) by Music in Africa Foundation, COKE STUDIO AFRICA, HAUSA MUSIC AWARDS by Xcess Entertainment, BIG 6 CONCERT by Beatshop Ghana, and other STUDIO/TV/RADIO events organized by other event/media house, both local & foreign to discover and elevate midstream and undiscovered artiste/talents, we say thank you for your immense contribution and still contributing your quota.



                                                                                                                                    Source; PCOIN GHANA ACHIVES




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